VIP Lift

The VIP lift is an extension of a regular lift that allows the use of the lift only after an electronic key (chip) is brought close to the reader.



In the basic option, VIP BASIC, the reader is located in the cabin control board – a user without a chip may enter the lift but the lift will not start moving unless a chip is brought to the reader.
The extended option, VIP FULL, includes a reader not only in the cabin control board but also in the call button area and therefore the user cannot access the lift cabin without a chip. This option with automatic door offers maximum protection against damage to the lift.



After opening the door, the system, in connection with the access system, calls the lift according to the pre-set rights, it can also select a closer or a defined lift. Within the user right set-up, it can be pre-set who may use the lift and which floor they may access; it is possible to set up time periods when the user can use the lift, or a time period when the lift operates in the VIP mode or regular mode. In addition to basic functions (activation, blocking of chips and rights set-up), management of user chips allows the data to be exported from the records of lift rides (e.g. for the billing of costs of operating the lift or to detect the originator of damage).

The same chip is used to control the VIP lift as for the access system and other elements of the Safe House.


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